Cookie Policy

This Policy may be updated without notice to you. Please, check this Policy periodically. Your using of Website after our posting of any changes to this Policy will constitute your acceptance of those changes. Our Website and customer’s websites are using cookie files and similar technologies to guarantee the maximum convenience for the users by customizing a Website (websites) for a particular user, helping user navigate them, storing that user’s preferences and login information. By using our Website, you are confirming your agreement for using cookie files in accordance with the present notification in regard to cookie type. If you do not agree with using such type of files, you need to set up the settings of your browser accordingly.

Cookie files

A cookie is a small file, which usually consists of letters and numbers. This file is stored on your computer, the tablet PC, cellphone and another device that you use to visit the Website (websites). Cookie files are broadly used by the owners of various sites to maintain sites’ work or to improve its performance and to receive analytical information.
We and our service providers can use different types of cookie files on our Website and websites:
"Strictly Necessary" cookie files: These essential files enable navigation throughout our Website and the utilization of its features. They do not personally identify you. Declining the use of these files may impact the performance or functionality of the Website.
"Performance" cookie files: These files help us understand how users interact with our Website, such as the areas visited and the time spent on the Website. They also assist in identifying any issues or errors. Analytics-related cookie files aid us in measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimizing site content for interested individuals. No personal identification is associated with this type of cookie file. All collected and analyzed information remains anonymous.
"Functionality" cookie files: These cookie files recognize returning users on our Website, enabling features such as remembering login information and tracking user activity while logged in.
Analytical/performance cookies: These cookies collect aggregated and anonymous information about how you use the Adseen Website. They help us improve the functionality of the Website and understand user interests, such as visitor numbers and navigation patterns.
"Targeting" cookie files: These cookie files store data about your actions on the Website, including accessing advertising websites, selected links, and preferred advertisements. Our goal is to provide relevant content and tailored advertising based on your interests. Aggregated statistical reports, created from targeting cookie files, are shared with our customers to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
It helps us to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Based on these targeting cookie files, we make an aggregated statistical report that is transmitted to our customers. Note that if you want to know which cookie files are being used by our customers on their websites, please, check their cookies policy (or privacy policy) on their websites.

Purposes cookies:

We and our service providers can use cookie files for different purpose, including:

  • Facilitating Information Gathering: Cookies help us and third parties gather information about your visits to the Website(s).
  • Analyzing Page Visits and Return Frequency: We analyze information about your page visits and the frequency of your return to enhance our Website(s) and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising on advertising websites.
  • Personalized Advertising and Content: Cookies enable us to provide advertisements, messages, and content, both from our company and third parties, on specific websites that align with your interests.
  • Visitor Tracking and Website Usage: Cookies assist in determining the number of visitors and their usage patterns on our Website(s).
  • Enhancing Website Effectiveness: Cookies are used to improve the effectiveness of our websites and gain a better understanding of user interests.
  • Fraud Detection: Cookies help in detecting and preventing fraudulent activities.

Life of cookie files

The amount of time a cookie stays on your device is variable: the majority of cookies expire after the end of your browsing session. Some of the cookie files do not get deleted after the browser is closed. Such cookie files are called ‘permanent’. The permanent files’ storage timing on the device is different for various cookie files. In online advertising you can generally expect most advertising cookies to last about one month or two years at most. You can manually delete such permanent files from your browser.
Cookie files can be placed on your device by administration of the Website Such files called “first-party” cookies. Some of the cookie files can be placed on your device by service providers such files are called ‘third- parties’ cookies.

Manage and reject cookies

Most of the Internet browsers originally are set to accept cookie files automatically. You can change the settings that you can block cookies or notify the user when these files will be sent to the device. There are different ways of operating cookie files. Please see the browser’s instructions so you can learn more how to correct or change its settings.
There are few options to reject (delete) cookies from your device:
If you do not agree to the saving of cookies on our part, you can examine your cookie status in the header of this page at any time, and also deactivate the saving of behavioral targeting cookies by us on our Website. You can disable the storage of cookies or set your browser to notify you before accepting the storage of cookies. Please, note that users who do not accept the storage of cookies may not be able to access certain functionality of our websites, or can only use our websites with considerable difficulty.