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Adseen is a Native-Ads self-service platform technology for creating scalable data-driven, dynamic ads delivered directly to your audiences. An exclusive form of Native advertising that integrates high quality content into the primary experience of a given platform through native ad units that conform to the design and feel of the website on which it's shown.
No , We will not charge any money , the registration is free as we want you to explore us and find a better fit for your business.
Image: we recommend 200x200 or larger, we will autoresize it to all other sizes. Maximum size is 720 kb. Title: zero up to 40 characters Description: zero up to 120 characters
We build the site pretty intuitive and customer can find it very friendly , but we also assist you with our managed services
Adseen has the following targeting capabilities: - Geo-targeting by country - Desktop and Mobile targeting
Adseen auto-optimizes the campaign to target CTR or eCPC (effective Cost per Click).
In order to do that, please select the campaign in \"list of campaigns\" section and then scroll down to the list of ads.
Moderation takes from 4 hours(tentative) (excluding weekends). For ads, it usually takes less than an hour, if uploaded during the working hours, otherwise it may take up to 10-11 hours. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to upload the ads at least 1 business day before the scheduled campaign launch date.
Fill in a simple sign up form to start profitable partnership with Adseen. Access the Dashboard to contact your support manager by writing a ticket or add your website manually. Right after that your website will be checked if the content and quality is in accordance with our Terms of Use. When the moderation process is finished you will be able to install widget and start earning with Adseen.
Moderation is done during working days, 24 hours. If a website was added on a weekend or on holiday, it will be moderated the next working day.
You can send a ticket in the Dashboard via “Ticket” section in the upper menu or by using "Create a ticket" button below.
After completion of the moderation process, a message with reasons for rejection will be sent automatically. If you've made all the required corrections and your website complies with our Terms of Use, you can add it again.
You can add as many websites as you like. If you wish to add in bulk – contact your manager for the mass upload tool.