Adseen story

Our mission is to reshape the future of online advertising by making it simple and accessible for every business. It has been started in year 2016, with Paid to click digital advertising with a platform between advertiser and consumer, later it has been shifted to native advertising platform for Publisher and advertisers. This platform has designed to serve ads and make the discovery of new and interesting targets very easy and user-friendly. This platform allows to use target media banners and native ads campaign, which comes in close to clients and agencies when running brand promotion campaigns. The effectiveness of our algorithms was impressive from the outset. The idea came to fruition thanks to our team that have been working with, Big Data, appropriate targets, media buying, native ad campaigns and mobile advertising. The combination of passion and experience made it possible to improve this platform and turn it into an effective advertising tool.

Adseen platform is using evident Machine Learning technique to correctly target audience to make brand promotion complain effective, which helps to show up when people search for what you wish. Adseen offers plenty of diversity. We believe that there is a suitable tool for every problem. Due to high traffic volumes and their volatility, we use bleeding-edge technologies to safeguard your company’s success. We have been working hard day by day in order to improve our products and algorithms and provide the highest possible incomes for both sides – advertisers and publishers. We are going to have expanded in to international market become a large company in the field of native advertisement. We have put in the effort to work harder and harder in order to make ads more specific target customer. And that’s why we offer our partners and clients more than any other advertising network